Saturday, November 19, 2011

Mail Call

I received my order from Pro31Designs ( or twinsmoms on You Tube. I wanted to try the blingy mesh everyone is using. She also sent along some gifties. Gifties are always appreciated and such a nice touch. I received two pink sprays, two blue sprays, two buttons and a cameo. The blingy mesh is very cool and will make a nice accent to my Christmas projects. Notice how the words Happy Mail are stamped all over the envelope. Very cute!

My Scor-Tape also arrived today. From what I understand it's as good as the red tape. I've never tried it but the big draw is that you can tear it. So I shall give it a try.

I didn't get to do anything creative today as I had to work. Although I did have lots and LOTS of creative thoughts. That counts...sort of.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Who Me? A Malamute

Here is Boogie with his "who me, I'm not doing anything wrong" face. The living room couch is off limits but since I had slept on it the night before, I guess he figured it was okay. After he saw that all I was going to do was take his picture, he laid his head back down and went to sleep.

The black thing on his collar is a receiver for one of those fenceless yard things. Cannot remember what it's called, but if Boogie gets too close to the edge of the property he gets a little shock. As heavy as that receiver is, he gets worried if we take his collar off. He is always thrilled to have the collar put back on. I know in his mind the collar means he belongs here. He's an amazing dog, but he's still a Boogie.

I made knobs today. And watched videos on Christmas minis. I also reinforced the spine of Tracy's book, and re-papered the front and back covers. I really want to get that bad boy in the

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tracy's not so mini Album - The Saga Continues

Here is the last sneak peek, because sneak peeks can get old. This is a tiny little book (a little smaller than an ATC) that goes with the album's zombie page.

I have been struggling with binding issues, and keeping Tracy aware of my struggles. Probably a lot more aware than she'd care to be kept...aware of. I bound it once with canvas that I colored. The result was so bad it literally had me tossing and turning in my bed. The next day I tore the canvas off. I felt a lot better.

Second try with the binding and some sparkly paper. Looked great, if I do say so myself. But, the pages were not turning correctly. They were creaking and popping. They didn't creak or pop with the canvas binding. I finally figured out I had put the thin cardboard spine onto the book facing the wrong way. It had a pretty side (black sparkle paper) and an ugly side (white cardboard). There was sticky strip on the ugly side. I bound the book with the pretty side facing out, then put the paper which wraps around the front, back and spine, onto the book. Not only could you see the ugly side of the spine when turning the pages, the pages were sticking to the sticky strip and that was causing the creaking and popping.

I tried to gently remove the entire binding "assembly" and I succeeded, if you don't count ripping the pattern paper off both the front and back of the album, and taking chunks out of the gussets on the spine.

The top two pages and the bottom page have the chunks taken out. It's only paper, and these areas are uh, paper thin? WAY more thin than that. I am going to have to cut some strips and glue them on top of the weak areas, and also on top of the not weak areas, so everything remains the same thickness. Thank you hubby, for that suggestion.

This book was supposed to be in the mail tomorrow at the very latest, to arrive while she is on her trip to the States. I've whined so much about this book that I don't even want to bother Tracy with yet another sad story. I cut some Christmas themed die cuts for her, and also Halloween cuts. I am going to send the Christmas cuts tomorrow so at least she will have a little package to open. I'm hoping she will be able to use some of them on her Christmas projects. The Halloween cuts will wait and travel with the mini album....hopefully before Valentine's Day.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans Day - Coasties & Cars

This is the Coast Guard Cutter Steadfast. It is one of the ships my husband served on during his 23 year military career. I am very proud of him. Not many people can say they saved the life of another, let alone the lives of many, while putting their own life on the line.

I love you Geoff. You are my rock. I don't know where I'd be without you. You are a wonderful husband and father. I thank God every day for bringing you into my life.

My car is sick. Needs a lot of work. $2400 worth. It's either car payments, or car repairs right? I have a Subaru Outback. I really like my car. The mechanic who is fixing it is known far and wide for his expertise with Subarus. It's being repaired at a small shop. My ex-husband works for a large dealership and Subaru is one of their lines. He cannot get me the parts at a discount because his boss is a real butt knuckle. And so it goes.

My dear mother would say, "Well, at least you aren't paying for chemotherapy." I miss you Mom, each and every day.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Do I Have a Shot?

So, I was thinking of sending this photo to the folks who publish Where Women Create. Do you think they'll do a story about me? Picture shows one-third of a seven foot work table. Pretty darn scary.

I can enter a perfectly organized room, and within five minutes, it looks like a tornado blew through it. I'm not bragging about this fact. I'm saying it's amazing, but not in a good way. I'm not even aware that I'm making messes until after they are made. Like I said - scary.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

It's Still October....

Until my two mini albums are done, I'm leaving the decorations and blog background up! Here is my most favorite ATC, of all the ATC's I have made. In thinking about it, this may be the only Halloween themed card I've ever done.

This card was sold, ages ago. I love the real beads along the "spine" of the spell book. I should get back to making ATCs. They always sold, and even if they didn't bring big bucks, it made my heart so happy that someone actually wanted something I created.

It's important to create every day. I am a happier person when I do.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It's Gettin' There.....

Here is another peek at Tracy's mini. This page is missing a few things. When I figure out what they are, I will add them and call it good. I am having a great time making this book. I can be as weird as I want!!! SA-WEET! Tracy and I share the same wicked sense of humor. I am so lucky she is my friend. No, not lucky...blessed.

I have also been working on another Halloween mini for a friend who just had a birthday. Will I ever be on schedule? Her mini is kid-themed, to be used for photos of her grandchildren. It's a challenge 'cause my mind wants to create twisted-ly.