Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween & Mental Health Day

Halloween was....well, not even like Halloween.  Oh, except for the amount of candy this family has consumed in the past few weeks.  My "baby" is pictured above.  Trick or treating was a long time ago.  But oh, the memories I have.  I wish I had pictures to go along with my memories.

Hubby is taking our travel trailer to the dealership tomorrow.  Bye-bye trailer.  Hello new (to us) used 5th wheel.  He said, "I wish Jacob didn't have school.  I'd like for him to go with me."  I told him to ask Jacob if he wanted to skip school and have a "mental health day with Dad."  Years ago, when I was a single Mom, Jacob had many mental health days.  This seemed a more tactful way to phrase it.  Rather than "hey, stay home and we'll sleep in and then we'll goof off."  The problem was Jacob would return to school the next day and announce to anyone who would listen that he hadn't been ill, he had simply been taking a mental health day.

Hubby and I guessed he might say no, and sure enough, he did.  Too many things to do at school, didn't want to get behind in math, has to turn in his cap and gown order, etc., etc.  What a kid you are Jacob.  You amaze me every single day.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Really Random

My Malamute's neck is 24 inches in diameter.  He needs a new collar so we measured him.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Happy Anniversary to Us

Today is our wedding anniversary.  We celebrate nine years together.  The funny part is we both usually forget.  It is a rarity that I remembered last night.  When I told Geoff he got this "ooops" look on his face.  I think it's okay though, if we both forget.  We laugh about it every year.  We just get so busy with the day to day activities of life.  Also, we are both incredibly practical people.  I did tell him that next year, for our 10th, I'd like to take a trip on a train, where we could get a compartment.  I've had that wish for a while, but what jarred it loose was the fact the Malamute was jumping around on the bed, making it bounce and shake.  I asked Geoff if he felt he was on a moving train.  We are just living life, together.

I say often that I am incredibly blessed to have such a wonderful husband.  There is not a day goes by where I don't think about that.  We are truly partners, for better or worse.  Geoff is calm and collected.  I am wound very tight.  He is my rock and my prince.  He protects and cares for me, and I look up to him in more ways than he knows.  This is how God intended marriage to be.  He gives us all the instructions.  I've played the game both ways.  Doing it God's way doesn't guarantee a life full of joy and happiness, or a life where the road is always easy and the burden is light.  But it guarantees a relationship of mutual love and caring, where you truly know you will be together until death.

I have heard it said - "the best thing a man can do for his children is to love their mother."  When Geoff married me, he became a father to my son Jacob.  Jacob's biological father is nearby and sees him often.  But the man who has taught Jacob what a boy needs to know to grow up into a good man, is Geoff.  Because our marriage is strong, Jacob is able to see the way a healthy marriage operates.  He has paid attention, and he is paying attention.  He tells me he wants a marriage "like you and Dad have."  I love my husband for many things, especially this.