Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween & Mental Health Day

Halloween was....well, not even like Halloween.  Oh, except for the amount of candy this family has consumed in the past few weeks.  My "baby" is pictured above.  Trick or treating was a long time ago.  But oh, the memories I have.  I wish I had pictures to go along with my memories.

Hubby is taking our travel trailer to the dealership tomorrow.  Bye-bye trailer.  Hello new (to us) used 5th wheel.  He said, "I wish Jacob didn't have school.  I'd like for him to go with me."  I told him to ask Jacob if he wanted to skip school and have a "mental health day with Dad."  Years ago, when I was a single Mom, Jacob had many mental health days.  This seemed a more tactful way to phrase it.  Rather than "hey, stay home and we'll sleep in and then we'll goof off."  The problem was Jacob would return to school the next day and announce to anyone who would listen that he hadn't been ill, he had simply been taking a mental health day.

Hubby and I guessed he might say no, and sure enough, he did.  Too many things to do at school, didn't want to get behind in math, has to turn in his cap and gown order, etc., etc.  What a kid you are Jacob.  You amaze me every single day.

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Tracy said...

You have a good looking and kind son.
My girls hate to miss school as well. I almost have to force them to stay home when their sick.
I used to let them stay home with me when they were in kindergarten if they didn't want to go, or bring them back home if they cried, lol.
I don't think the teacher liked that though, lol.