Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Deals of the Day

Went to Safeway and picked up six packages of Mission white corn tortillas (30 count) for $.24 each. They were on sale for $.99 and I had coupons for $.75 off each package. "They" say tortillas will freeze just fine. Let's hope "they" are correct.

I also got a 44-load bottle of Arm & Hammer laundry detergent for $.99. We have three bottles of ALL detergent already, but at $.99 I couldn't pass up this deal.

In the past few days I have also purchased peaches, bananas, romaine lettuce, celery, cucumber, mushrooms, 93% lean organic ground beef and string cheese. I really do buy healthy food too!
I created the frog last summer.

Monday, June 29, 2009

A Good Day

Doesn't this look like a great place to spend a day or week or month?

Today was a good day. I turned the corner on this cold ~ thank you Jesus. My son returned safely from his four day mini-camp. His pastor was speaking at this camp and took my son and another boy along as helpers. They went rafting, climbed a rock wall and did scary things with ropes. I'm sure they spent some time concentrating on the Lord too!

We sold some stuff. I washed my hair in the shower and it only hurt a fraction of how much it usually does ~ thank you Jesus once again. I received a lovely email from my ex-husband's wife. She is always so kind to me. My BFF had a good first day at school. Our neighbor gave us a gorgeous coffee table. Just gave it to us.

I caught most of Ralphie May's newest DVD Austin Tatious, on Comedy Central tonight. I can cross that DVD off my wish list though. Not his best work in my opinion, but still very funny. And my husband went to work in the morning, and came home afterward....that's always a good thing.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


I was blessed this weekend. I had a front row seat to two spectacular things God did. I never cease to be amazed at how personal His communication can be.

My friend Kay is attending college, training to work in a medical office. She has been unemployed for over a year. These classes are her key to a brand new life. She was all set to begin Summer quarter tomorrow. Friday she received a letter saying her financial aid had been revoked. Doesn't matter why, but it was not her fault. Kay let herself experience all the emotions of this terrible disappointment. Then she did what she always does. She took a deep breath, put on her big girl panties, and sucked it up. She trusted God and let Him have her sorrow.

Kay posted on her blog, asking for prayers and for support from her sisters in Christ. Several hours later a woman she had never met left a comment saying she felt God wanted her to pay Kay's tuition. Kay received the money today and will be able to start school in the morning, as scheduled. Thank you Lord for this blessing.

Last night another friend shared with me the most amazing vision she had, in response to questions and confusion about a certain aspect of prophecy. God had drawn her a picture, in 3D technicolor. I was blessed just hearing about it - imagine how my friend felt!

About 10 years ago I was driving my car, and telling God I knew He had forgotten about me. He never let me know He was there. My prayers fell on deaf ears. I didn't expect to always get what I wanted, but I did want some kind of acknowledgement He was listening. I was angry and disrespectful to my Heavenly Father.

I came to a stop behind another car, at a light, and there on the car's rear bumper was the admonition we've all seen hundreds of times: If you're living like there's no God, you better be right. I hung my head and apologized profusely. Any time since when I'm tempted to contemplate how real God is in my life, I immediately remember that day so many years ago. And I am humbled once again.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

'Tis the Season *

No, not that season. The fireworks season. July 4th heralds the arrival of summer. I have one word to sum up my feelings about summer: ick.

I could leave it at "ick," but that's not my style. I must explain why it's "ick." If you aren't in the mood to read whining, this is the time to click the little red X.

Summer is hot. Africa hot. Sticky, sweaty and buggy.

The sun reflecting off any shiny surface gives me an instant headache.

I am forced to see a whole lot more of the body parts of people I don't even know. Jeff Foxworthy said it best: "If your skin in the color of Cool Whip and you have a mole that looks like an oatmeal pie, let that be your little secret!"

My snow dog looks so unhappy. I want to pack a bag and go in search of an igloo for us both.

I am energized, inspired and empowered by the cold. Heat has the total opposite effect.

And that's why summer is a big, fat "ick," to me. The days leading up to the 4th are particularly stressful for Miss Jessie. She is terrified of fireworks. This year we plan to try something called Rescue Remedy. The medicine the Vet prescribes does little good. For the next week I will have a German Shepherd glued to my side.

My father passed away on July 3, 1997. Cancer took him and they didn't call in time for me to say goodbye. The week prior to his death, and the weeks immediately after, I was separating from my husband - who did his best to make sure that process was as difficult for me as possible.

Home ownership was extremely important to my dad. It is because of him I was able to purchase my house and give my then three year old son stability and security. I reflect on this often, especially this time of year.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Great Deal on Software

We have two copies of Microsoft Office Standard 2007 (contains Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook 2007) on sale for $129.99 in our eBay store. Retail is more than twice that. And Microsoft allows you to install this three times on your home PC. Here is the link (and an ugly link it is) if you wanna check it out:

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tale of the Tuna

I love tuna! Do you love tuna? It's a great protein food, versatile, and inexpensive even when you pay regular price. I got a lot of tuna today. I didn't pay regular price. I got 36 of these pouches. Never bought the pouches before. They are usually more expensive than the cans.
Both the pouches and the cans are part of an Albertsons promo this week. They call the sale "epic." That's pretty funny.....epic.

Anyway, you buy promo items in groups of 10 and $5.00 ($.50 for each item) is automatically deducted at checkout. What made the pouches a better deal? There were coupons for $1.50/3 and for every 5 pouches purchased a $1.00 Catalina printed. I bought a few other things along with the tuna and I will get to that later. For those who are still learning the wonderful art of couponing, here is a tuna-only scenario which will maximize your savings:

30 pouches x $1.25 = $37.50
Minus $15 ($5 off for every 10 pouches) = $22.50
Minus $15.00 (10 $1.50/3 coupons) = $7.50
Your total out of pocket would be $7.50 or $.25 per pouch of tuna

It gets better though! After paying the $7.50, the Catalina machine will spit out 6 $1.00 off anything coupons to be used on your next shopping trip. If you take this $6.00 into consideration as I do (it's like a rebate), your cost for 30 tuna pouches just went down to $1.50 or $.05 each. You could turn around and do the exact same deal again, except this time you'd have the $6.00 in Catalinas to use - so you'd pay the $1.50 and get another $6.00 in Catalinas. If the store does not have the coupons on display by the tuna, ask at the checkstand.

Alrighty, on to the rest of my transaction, which I shall make as a brief as possible by listing what I bought and what I paid.

36 pouches of tuna
4 Air Wick I-Motion air fresheners
1 pkg. sourdough pretzels
12-pk Pepsi
2 pkgs. Seneca applesauce (6 single serves per pkg)
4 candy bars - I know, real healthy shopping trip.....

I used tuna coupons, Air Wick coupons, BOGO candy bar coupons, pretzel and applesauce coupons, two double coupons, and a $10 Catalina I got from last week's ConAgra promo.

Paid $12.86 plus received $7.00 in Catalinas back for a total OOP of $5.86. In reviewing my receipt, the total savings was $114.77. I rock!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

If I Ran the World......

Men (and boys) would urinate sitting down.

Monday, June 22, 2009

~ A Blessing.....

I am completing the application for my son's enrollment in a Christian high school this Fall. The student is asked to fill out an information form. The last of the eight questions was: Please tell us what you believe regarding Jesus Christ. His response:

I believe that God (the Father) sent Jesus (the Son) to die on the cross for the sins of the world. Through His sacrifice, we have eternal salvation, redemption, love and forgiveness. He has a plan for our lives and is the only God. Everything was created by God and is in His will.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

What's Our Hurry?

I was standing in line behind an elderly woman at Walgreens today. She paid in cash and received her change (bills and coins). She slowly and deliberately put each in the appropriate spot in her wallet before taking her purchase and walking away from the check-out counter.

My initial response to her almost slow-motion movements was to be annoyed. But I quickly changed gears and thought - what's my hurry? What's your hurry? What's our hurry? If we have our faith placed firmly in God, we know at any given moment, we are exactly where we are supposed to be. Each delay or perceived obstacle in our path is there for a reason. When I hit every single red light enroute from Place A to Place B, there's a reason for that. Life and death are so often separated by mere seconds or inches or feet. That fact has been proven to me several times in my life.

And....have you noticed that little kids and old people don't hurry to finish something quickly so they can get out of someone else's way? Watch a child paying for something in a store. See how deliberate they are with the entire process. They are oblivious to those around them. Same thing is true for old folks, like the woman today. She didn't notice there were three people in line behind her. The rest of us are running ourselves ragged, trying to get a zillion things done. Is it any wonder we lose our keys, drop money on the ground, leave things behind? We're in too much of a hurry to do things one step at a time.

Take a few deep breaths through your nose ~ relax ~ slow down.....what's your hurry?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

~ Walgreens ~

I haven't been a good Walgreens bargain shopper for the past couple weeks, so I didn't have any RR's (register rewards) to spend when I entered the store this evening. I did earn a few during the check-out process though.

1st Transaction:

1 4 oz. Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder $1.99
1 Quattro Razor $9.49
1 Quattro Razor Refill Pack $10.99

Coupons Used:

$1/1 baby powder
2 $4/1 Quattro

Total Spent: $5.04 (razors/refills were BOGO)
Received $1 RR for baby powder

2nd Transaction:

4 Hefty 1 Zip Bags (qt. size) $3.29 each
1 4 oz. Johnson & Johnson baby powder $1.99
1 18-ct pkg Rolaids Soft Chews $2.99

Coupons Used:

$1/1 baby powder
$1/1 Rolaids
4 $1/1 Hefty 1 Zip
In-Store Coupon BOGO Hefty 1 Zip

Total Spent: $6.51
Received $1 RR for baby powder and $2 RR for Rolaids

3rd Transaction:

1 Banana Cake Square $.99
1 18-ct pkg Rolaids Soft Chews $2.99
2 medium size bags M&M's $5.00
2 boxes Oreo Cakesters $5.00

Coupons Used:

$1/2 M&M's
2-$1/1 Oreo Cakesters
$1/1 Rolaids

Total Spent: $10.23
Received $3 RR for Cakesters, $1 RR for M&M's, $2 RR for Rolaids

4th Transaction:

2 Sunday Oregonian newspapers $4.00

Coupons Used:

1 $3 RR

Total Spent: $1.00

So.....I spent a total of $22.78 OOP and left with $7 in RR's. That makes my bottom line $15.78 for everything. In comparison to how I usually do, that is pathetic. But that's what happens when you skip a week or two at Walgreens. Shame on me.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

~ 20% Off and $1.99 S/H at Our Web Store ~

After mucho work on the part of hubby, we are now able to offer our web store customers discounts they can apply at checkout. We accept both Google and PayPal payments. And chocolate goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway: Will Make Knobs for Chocolate.

Our first discount is 20% off any size order. Shipping is $1.99 no matter how many things you
purchase. We have hundreds of ceramic knob designs, picture frames, fan pulls and even some Scrabble tile pendants.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This 'n That

Hello Blogland....

Not too much to report this morning.

I was just reading the blog of a young woman (mid 20's I would guess) from Canada. She is eight months pregnant, a major coupon queen, dedicated saver, and she has a German Shepherd Dog. I wish I could have had another baby. My husband said no, he (meaning we) was too old. I guess he's right, but I still think about having a baby and being in a happy marriage. What a nice combo that might have been.

Mama always said - "If wishes were horses, beggers would ride." Mama was born in Canada. And I have a German Shepherd Dog. So it all ties in, in the wagon wheel spokes of my mind.

I made a trip to Albertsons last night - actually, my son and I went. Miss Jessie came along. Juneau didn't want to go. I gave my son three doublers, three $1/1 Ken's salad dressing coupons, and a coupon for a free candy bar. Handed him the dressings and said "these should all be free." He asked if the checkout person would be mad at him, and would he get in trouble for getting free dressing.

Anyway.....the promo was buy $25 and get a $10 Catalina. I had also gone Monday night (yep, drug the kid then too) and did this deal, so I had a $10 Catalina to use last night. There was not a whole lot to choose from in this promo. Suffice it to say between the two trips, we are stocked in peanut butter and pasta sauce for many moons to come. I purchased:

4 Breyers 1.5L ice creams
3 jars Ragu Pasta Sauce
3 jars Skippy Peanut Butter
1 ALL Small & Mighty detergent
1 box cake mix

Total after sales and coupons was $16.36. Then I used my $10 Catalina and walked out paying $6.36 with another $10 Catalina in my hand. Hubby and the dogs are big ice cream fans. Jacob's "stuff" was totally free, and we will donate the salad dressings.

I am hoping for a quiet night's sleep tonight. Juneau likes to sleep on the floor between the bed and the sliding closet door, lying parallel to them. Usually he has a lot of his body under the bed. Not last night. Last night he was all out in the open, with his feet against the closet. He dreams a lot and those back legs get to twitchin' something fierce. He kept banging them against the closet but was sleeping so soundly the noise didn't bother him. It did however, bother me. I called his name loudly, every time he made the noise. He was out! And I never woke up enough to get out of bed and attempt to move the furry prince.

Two winters ago Juneau decided he had to sleep in between hubby and I. And you hoped you got his back up against yours, because if you didn't, that meant you got his feet and they moved all night long. The slumber party only lasted a few months. Then he was back to his preferred spot on the floor.

Miss Jessie accompanies me to bed and stays about 20 minutes. Then she's off to the other end of the house. And that's how she rolls.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


My son got a part time job this summer, picking blueberries for a local grower. The job will begin in early July. They pick from 8:00 am to about 1:00 pm five days a week. He is 14 and this will be his first official job. Should be quite an eye opener for him!

Jacob had already planned (and paid for mostly himself) to attend the church summer camp. Today the Senior Youth Pastor asked my son and his best friend to accompany him to another church's summer camp, where he is one of the speakers. My son and his friend will be the pastor's helpers.

If I were wearing buttons I'd be just a bustin' them.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Mommy Go Bye-Bye

GrandMaMa left this afternoon. I didn't cry when I said goodbye, nor did I have a meltdown. I usually have one MEGA meltdown each time she visits. Not so much due to anything she says or does, but due to my own insecurities. Well okay, a little bit is due to what she says. We had a very nice visit - emotional in so many ways.

Thursday night my son graduated from middle school. There were 30 kids in the graduating class. The Principal had an anecdote for each kid, relating to their 6th, 7th or 8th grade years. When it came time for Jacob's anecdote, she went alllll the way back to kindergarten. He was in Extended (After School) Care and the teacher had brought them to the gym to watch a basketball game. My little angel broke from the group and began to run up and down the sides of the court (while the game was being played), yelling "it's wedgie time!" The kids in the stands thought it was hysterical, which only made him yell louder. The Principal took him by the arm and told him to sit down. He said to her, "I don't even like you." And she said to him, "And I don't like what you're doing. Sit down." He sat down.

The school made a CD of each 8th grader telling their parents and family how much they loved them, and saying thank you for the opportunity to attend this school. My eyes filled with tears when my son said, "Mom, thank you for your humor." He said other things too, but the humor part really touched me. From what I understand, there is a veil between us and those who have gone to heaven. So I guess Jacob's grandfather would not have been able to see his grandson, then...and now. He would be so proud. This quirky sense of humor has come down through the generations.

The ceremony was held in the chapel of the school. There was prayer to open the ceremony, and prayer to close the ceremony. And mention of God throughout the ceremony. Our Creator, unwelcome in the public school, is glorified and worshipped at this school. I never take that for granted, and neither does my son.

His kindergarten teacher was there, and she wrote a special letter to each of the 15 kids she had taught so long ago. His first grade teacher did the same. And it meant so much to us that GrandMaMa was able to share this night.

Thank you Mom, for your unconditional love even when I was not easy to love. Thank you for your wisdom, your no-nonsense way of doing things, and thank you most of all for teaching me that motherhood is not for the squeamish. Here are a few other things my mother taught me:

If you lose too many battles, you will lose the war.
Prayer works.
Kids need to know their place - it makes them feel secure.
Children are the beloved parasites.
Ask a lot of questions.
Motherhood is very serious business.
Count your blessings.
Listen more than you talk.
Find the beauty in simple things.
Never lose your sense of awe.
It's okay to complain, but not too much.
You don't have to love me, but you will respect me.
Peaches are best when Mama slices them very thin and sprinkles just a little sugar.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

....Day Three with the Mominator

The Mominator being my mother. We had a very nice day. We did not go anywhere. We had a lovely spaghetti dinner with neighbors and friends. Miss Jessie behaved like the spoiled dog she is. Very stubborn, very German Shepherd-like. Luckily all our guests are dog lovers.

I wish I could see my mom more than just once a year. She is always in my heart though.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Time to Shop

Went to Albertsons this evening to pick up a few things.

2 Crystal Light makes 12-qts. cannisters
2 Crystal Light Skin Essentials
1 bottle Kraft salad dressing
2 pkgs. Kraft mac & cheese (the pouch kind)
1 gallon milk
1 12-oz. pkg. Frigo string cheese
2 Digiorno Flatbread Melts
8 Calif. Pizza Kitchen Pizza for One
3 20 oz. pkgs. Jennie-O ground turkey
1 lb. bananas
1 seedless 7 lb. watermelon
3/4-lb. asparagus

Total before sales and coupons: $94.90

Total after sales and coupons: $28.64 plus a $2.00 Catalina

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

* The Lord and His Faithfulness *

I have only heard the voice of God one time. It was when I was about three months pregnant with my now 14 year old son. I was sitting in church and God said to me, "This child must be educated in Christian schools." Five months later I was having an emergency C-section to save a baby that logically and medically, should have died inside me.

I could go on and on about the many ways God has made it possible for Jacob to be educated in a Christian environment. I could also go on and on about how this child entered the world with the most incredible faith. It is not often you see a four year old witnessing to adults who are waiting in line at the post office. It is rare for a five year old to chastise an employee at a children's store, because among all the movies available for kids to watch while parents shopped - there were no movies about Jesus.

Fast forward to now and our need to register him for high school. It costs $350 - money we don't have just lying around. My DH peddled our wares at a bazaar last Saturday. He made $31.00, but the booth fee was $20.00. I have been tithing and every time a worry thought came to mind, I would remind myself God would make a way for Jacob. He always has in the past.

Today we received a check from our mortgage company. It was in the amount of $280.00. They had miscalculated how much our property taxes would be for this past year, and were refunding the overpayment. This is the first time in six years we have gotten this kind of payment. Normally they tell us to add another $10 or $15 to the house payment, to cover taxes.

Tuition will be more than we are currently paying, by about $125 a month. I'm not going to think about that now because I know if I continue to keep my promise, God will continue to keep His!

For the longest time Jacob wanted to be an astronaut. I just listened as he discussed his future plans, knowing full well the Lord would redirect him at the appropriate time. Two years ago Jacob came to me and told me the Lord told him he was to be a youth pastor. It wasn't long before he was saying he wanted to attend Multnomah Bible College in Portland. As we begin to open another chapter in this child's life, I am once again awed and humbled at the grace of the Lord.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

~ Juice ~

Regular price for each bottle of juice is $3.99. So you are looking at $19.95 worth of juice. I purchased all five bottles for $1.92. That is a 90% savings. I combined a store sale with manufacturers coupons with double coupons. The V8 was free. The Tree Top juices were $.48 each.

I would never pay $3.99 for a bottle of juice, but people do it, all the time. If you purchase items at their rock bottom price, and stock up, you'll never have to pay regular price again. Unless stores stop having sales and companies stop issuing coupons.

No News Is....No News?

Blogging is supposed to be good for an online business. So is Twitter. I haven't done too well at either lately. I have always wished I could be the Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm blogger. The one who only writes about happy, cheerful and sugary things. That's just not me though, and a blog shouldn't be work. If I kept that thought in mind, I'd blog more often.

My son graduates Middle School next week. I'm not being sentimental about that, yet. But I am being sentimental about the person he has become. He's a good guy. He's my life.

I narrowly avoided being involved in a three car accident last Saturday. Had it happened, it would have been my fault. I don't know what it is with me and these behind the wheel experiences. I only know they are getting very, VERY old.

The warm weather is here. Who decided that sunny is good and rainy is bad? The sun is just blinding in its intensity. I must be part vampire - I must. We have central air but it doesn't seem to cool the master bedroom very well. So we have a window unit in that room and it runs all night. It's like when you sleep in a hotel and have the A/C on. Maybe it's just me that relates one to the other. I love having that thing going, the white noise of it, the cold air.

I have been cleared to use marijuana as a method of pain control. My doc is of the belief that it's not any worse (and in some ways it's better) than narcotic drugs. Personally I don't think marijuana is any more potent than alcohol. It's the only drug I've ever tried and my use has been sporadic at best....a handful of times in the last 10 years. I could never hold my liquor. Half a glass of wine and I'd be weaving around, so I rarely drank. And now, even if I wanted a drink, I wouldn't dare because of all the prescription drugs I take.

In Washington State you are allowed to grow three plants. But acquiring the seeds, that's the tough part. Still working on that. You can buy them from other countries but they are horribly expensive.

That's all my news. Hi Sam....email me (please?)