Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This 'n That

Hello Blogland....

Not too much to report this morning.

I was just reading the blog of a young woman (mid 20's I would guess) from Canada. She is eight months pregnant, a major coupon queen, dedicated saver, and she has a German Shepherd Dog. I wish I could have had another baby. My husband said no, he (meaning we) was too old. I guess he's right, but I still think about having a baby and being in a happy marriage. What a nice combo that might have been.

Mama always said - "If wishes were horses, beggers would ride." Mama was born in Canada. And I have a German Shepherd Dog. So it all ties in, in the wagon wheel spokes of my mind.

I made a trip to Albertsons last night - actually, my son and I went. Miss Jessie came along. Juneau didn't want to go. I gave my son three doublers, three $1/1 Ken's salad dressing coupons, and a coupon for a free candy bar. Handed him the dressings and said "these should all be free." He asked if the checkout person would be mad at him, and would he get in trouble for getting free dressing.

Anyway.....the promo was buy $25 and get a $10 Catalina. I had also gone Monday night (yep, drug the kid then too) and did this deal, so I had a $10 Catalina to use last night. There was not a whole lot to choose from in this promo. Suffice it to say between the two trips, we are stocked in peanut butter and pasta sauce for many moons to come. I purchased:

4 Breyers 1.5L ice creams
3 jars Ragu Pasta Sauce
3 jars Skippy Peanut Butter
1 ALL Small & Mighty detergent
1 box cake mix

Total after sales and coupons was $16.36. Then I used my $10 Catalina and walked out paying $6.36 with another $10 Catalina in my hand. Hubby and the dogs are big ice cream fans. Jacob's "stuff" was totally free, and we will donate the salad dressings.

I am hoping for a quiet night's sleep tonight. Juneau likes to sleep on the floor between the bed and the sliding closet door, lying parallel to them. Usually he has a lot of his body under the bed. Not last night. Last night he was all out in the open, with his feet against the closet. He dreams a lot and those back legs get to twitchin' something fierce. He kept banging them against the closet but was sleeping so soundly the noise didn't bother him. It did however, bother me. I called his name loudly, every time he made the noise. He was out! And I never woke up enough to get out of bed and attempt to move the furry prince.

Two winters ago Juneau decided he had to sleep in between hubby and I. And you hoped you got his back up against yours, because if you didn't, that meant you got his feet and they moved all night long. The slumber party only lasted a few months. Then he was back to his preferred spot on the floor.

Miss Jessie accompanies me to bed and stays about 20 minutes. Then she's off to the other end of the house. And that's how she rolls.

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