Saturday, June 6, 2009

Time to Shop

Went to Albertsons this evening to pick up a few things.

2 Crystal Light makes 12-qts. cannisters
2 Crystal Light Skin Essentials
1 bottle Kraft salad dressing
2 pkgs. Kraft mac & cheese (the pouch kind)
1 gallon milk
1 12-oz. pkg. Frigo string cheese
2 Digiorno Flatbread Melts
8 Calif. Pizza Kitchen Pizza for One
3 20 oz. pkgs. Jennie-O ground turkey
1 lb. bananas
1 seedless 7 lb. watermelon
3/4-lb. asparagus

Total before sales and coupons: $94.90

Total after sales and coupons: $28.64 plus a $2.00 Catalina


Jess said...

OMG.....come take me shopping with you!!! PLEASE!

I want to be able to save that much money! LOL

Happy Sunday


Donna Layton said...

Hi Kim....I CANNOT believe you saved this kind of money. Makes me cringe at the money I obviously waste.
I'm loving your collaged blog banner. Very cool:)