Monday, September 15, 2008

On the Mend

I am healing quickly from last week's surgery. Everyone at the hospital was wonderful. So kind and caring. I had taken four bars of my friend Kay's soap with me, as a little thank you to the nurses. My doctor happened to come in and see them, so she got first pick. Kay's soaps are wonderful and it was so nice for me to see the smiles on the nurses' faces.

I woke up quite alert, none of that usual sleepiness - and was released an hour after the procedure. Good thing, because people in the rooms around me were throwing up (paging Ralph Alfalfa, the Buick salesman) and that's just icky.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Blogs and a Boob

As I travel around Blogland, I am often struck by how diverse the blogging population is. I am drawn to the country-ish type blog, where the author lives on a farm and cans her own veggies. I am also drawn to the altered artist type blog. Those are the genres that hold my interest. Of course I take the occasional side trip to the land of goth, stark reality, and then there is always a recipe blog or two.

I'm old now, so I remember life without the internet, life without cable, even life without cell phones. It wasn't a bad life because I didn't know any better. with internet, cable and cell phones isn't anything new, yet I am constantly amazed by it. Odd things amaze me. Things like a child calling me "Mom," the fact my husband married me, how dogs can smell a bizillion times better than we can - just to name a few.

Tomorrow afternoon I am having a cyst removed from my breast. Totally benign - it has been poked and prodded and ultrasounded and aspirated. It is trauma related, from the accident two years ago. It's moving around, changing shape and is now over four inches long. It has to go. As a woman we are so conditioned to be vigilant about things like this. I am glad it's going. And thankful it's just a cyst. Those who face breast cancer are true heroes in my book.

Same day surgery - another phenomenon of the modern world! I wonder if drive-thru surgery can be far behind?

Friday, September 5, 2008

Question of the Day

Warning: this question is gross, icky, juvenile, sick...and gives you a brief glimpse into my twisted little mind. However, in my defense, I did not write this - I just enjoy passing it along. It's one of those "would you rather" questions. I heard Carla ask it EONS ago during an episode of Cheers.

Okay, ready? Here we go:

Would you rather
Lose your balance in a sewage treatment facility, or
Eat food recovered from an autopsy?

I asked it, so I gotta answer it - I bet I'll be the only one who does. I would rather take a swim, than take a chew. There, I said it.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The First Day of School

Today my "baby" began 8th grade at a small Christian school in our city. He has attended this school since kindergarten. This is his year to be the big man on campus (or so he says). It is my usual custom to spend the first day of school in and out of tears as I reflect back to kindergarten and realize for the millionth time how quickly he is growing up.

I drove him to school. I have not done that in a long time. There is always the fear of oversleeping, even with both of us setting alarms. Never fear, dogs were here and the sun was up and there were squirrels to be chased. So at 6:04 Juneau comes in and lets out one high pitched YIPE. When I didn't get up fast enough, he did the deep in the chest, head back "arr ooo ooo." I told my husband, "I think they must do rock, paper, scissors to decide which one gets to wake me." He agreed and said he could imagine their conversation: "you do it, I did it yesterday."

This evening we were signing receipts for textbooks, acknowledgements of class content and rules, and his application to be part of the Student Council. It was neat to see what he wrote and how he said he had been through "many trials in life" and could help others through the wisdom of his mistakes. He feels called to be a Pastor. Not just "I want to be," but "I feel God is calling me to be."

A little while ago he brought me his cell phone, which is so basic I am surprised it can receive text messages. He said "Mom, you say you are up on street language, what does this mean?" Oh goody thought I - a test!! A chance to prove I'm not a total dolt. The screen read:

K. K. gtg c u 2moro

I said, "It says okay, okay. Got to go, see you tomorrow." His mouth dropped and his eyes got wide. He was totally amazed! I mean seriously, totally amazed that I could translate that message, and on the first try. Then he struck a pose and told me "I look buff when I stand like this." All is right in the World of Testosterone. By the way, I got him to school on time.