Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Blogs and a Boob

As I travel around Blogland, I am often struck by how diverse the blogging population is. I am drawn to the country-ish type blog, where the author lives on a farm and cans her own veggies. I am also drawn to the altered artist type blog. Those are the genres that hold my interest. Of course I take the occasional side trip to the land of goth, stark reality, and then there is always a recipe blog or two.

I'm old now, so I remember life without the internet, life without cable, even life without cell phones. It wasn't a bad life because I didn't know any better. So....life with internet, cable and cell phones isn't anything new, yet I am constantly amazed by it. Odd things amaze me. Things like a child calling me "Mom," the fact my husband married me, how dogs can smell a bizillion times better than we can - just to name a few.

Tomorrow afternoon I am having a cyst removed from my breast. Totally benign - it has been poked and prodded and ultrasounded and aspirated. It is trauma related, from the accident two years ago. It's moving around, changing shape and is now over four inches long. It has to go. As a woman we are so conditioned to be vigilant about things like this. I am glad it's going. And thankful it's just a cyst. Those who face breast cancer are true heroes in my book.

Same day surgery - another phenomenon of the modern world! I wonder if drive-thru surgery can be far behind?


Sue said...

This is late, but hoping all is well!!!

Ralonda said...

So glad all went well. It is wonderful what modern medicine can acheive these days! If you want to take a look at a bit of altered art I posted some great spoons that were altered my members of a yahoo group on which I host an altered art swap each month. The did some awesome work and I hope to be posting them again again each month as we alter something new. Who knows what kind of creative juices it may get going for you!