Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The First Day of School

Today my "baby" began 8th grade at a small Christian school in our city. He has attended this school since kindergarten. This is his year to be the big man on campus (or so he says). It is my usual custom to spend the first day of school in and out of tears as I reflect back to kindergarten and realize for the millionth time how quickly he is growing up.

I drove him to school. I have not done that in a long time. There is always the fear of oversleeping, even with both of us setting alarms. Never fear, dogs were here and the sun was up and there were squirrels to be chased. So at 6:04 Juneau comes in and lets out one high pitched YIPE. When I didn't get up fast enough, he did the deep in the chest, head back "arr ooo ooo." I told my husband, "I think they must do rock, paper, scissors to decide which one gets to wake me." He agreed and said he could imagine their conversation: "you do it, I did it yesterday."

This evening we were signing receipts for textbooks, acknowledgements of class content and rules, and his application to be part of the Student Council. It was neat to see what he wrote and how he said he had been through "many trials in life" and could help others through the wisdom of his mistakes. He feels called to be a Pastor. Not just "I want to be," but "I feel God is calling me to be."

A little while ago he brought me his cell phone, which is so basic I am surprised it can receive text messages. He said "Mom, you say you are up on street language, what does this mean?" Oh goody thought I - a test!! A chance to prove I'm not a total dolt. The screen read:

K. K. gtg c u 2moro

I said, "It says okay, okay. Got to go, see you tomorrow." His mouth dropped and his eyes got wide. He was totally amazed! I mean seriously, totally amazed that I could translate that message, and on the first try. Then he struck a pose and told me "I look buff when I stand like this." All is right in the World of Testosterone. By the way, I got him to school on time.

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