Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Good Way to Start 2010

The following was written by my mother:

I want to take you back to September 4, 1939 (I was 9 years old), sitting in the living room in the house on Cresent Drive in Calgary, when the voice of King George of England delivered the following message over the BBC at the start of World War 2:

These were his words, as timely now as then:

"I have asked the Guardian of the year to give me a lamp that I might see into the uncertain future."

Then he said, "Put your hand in the hand of God for He is better than a thousand lamps."

It wasn't long before black stars started showing up in the windows of the houses in the neighbourhood, indicating that a son or a husband was gone to war, and food and gas rationing were in effect.

Churchill kept reminding us over the BBC each week that it would be with blood, sweat and tears that we would overcome Hilter. And we did, and the message is as timely today as it was then, because our future is always uncertain, but of this one thing we CAN be certain, that God will be in the future with us. And that is a very good thought to carry with us in 2010.

Happy New Year everyone ~ Vaya Con Dios.

Friday, December 25, 2009

~ * Merry Christmas * ~

We had a very nice day, peaceful and restful (especially when dogs were sleeping). Sara was here but had to leave by 9:00 am. Sara never gets to spend much time with us. She is my husband's daughter, almost 21 years old, and a very good egg. She gave me the nicest pair of warm and cozy slippers.

We gave Jacob an iPod Touch. It was all he wanted, and I had him convinced it was too much money and not to count on it. So....he was very surprised and very happy. Hubby got two shirts and a set of hand warmers from L.L. Bean, candy from his doggies, a belt from Jacob, a beautiful framed photo of Sara and her dog Ellie, a wind-up flashlight that you don't need batteries for, and a set of those Sham Wow towel things. My son gave me a box of candy, a gift card for Joann, and a great pair of sewing scissors which I desperately needed. I've already laid down the law - they are only to be used on fabric. My husband gave me several HSN gift certificates. Too many really, and I am not even going to say what the total was. He is so good to me. Oh, and a T-square that I've been wanting.

This Christmas will always be special because my mother sent Jacob a beautiful study Bible, engraved with his name. My mother is one of God's most loyal servants, and as each day passes I see my son becoming just a little bit more like her. When Jacob was about four Grandma came for a visit and they left to take a walk. I watched from the window as they slowly walked down the driveway, hand in hand. I told my heart to take a picture, and I often think back to that moment and what a blessing it is for my son to have the benefit of his Grandmother's knowledge and wisdom. He has learned so much from her walk with the Lord. And I know his faith is a blessing to her, too.

Merry Christmas ~ God Bless us, one and all.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

~ I Love Men...

Today at Walgreens I overheard a woman ask her male companion, "Can we get this for Bella?" He replied, "Whatever you want to do dear."

Next stop was Joann Fabrics. I passed by a couple looking at fleece. I didn't hear what her question was, but his response: "I'm just here to support you, I didn't know I would have to answer any questions."

Obviously these guys have learned a man has two choices - he can be right, or he can be happy.

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Look

I hope I don't step on anyone's toes by sharing this photo. These snow dogs can certainly throw down some looks. Our Malamute has his own version of the "stink eye," and it's very effective!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

wife STuFF

I love being a wife. I've been married six years yet I still find myself thinking I'm dreaming. At this time of year I especially love being a wife. I get to decide what the neighbor gifts will be, what kind of yummy things to bake, handle the majority of the shopping (not because I'm pushy, dear hubby prefers it that way), plan our holiday dinner.....and, decorate our home.

I love being a wife.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

romance has gone to the....DOGS!

I was snoozing on the family room sofa. Hubby was on the love seat. In a very gentle and "oh pookie wookie" tone, he said the following:

"Aww, do you want to go to the bedroom and lie down with me, and cuddle? You look really tired."

I turned and looked at him, wondering if he were speaking to me. That kind of ooey gooey language is almost always reserved for the other woman in his life. I was right! He was talking to Miss Jessie. I made a comment about how I wished he talked to ME that way. He replied, "I suppose you're going to put this on your blog now." Yep.