Tuesday, June 2, 2009

No News Is....No News?

Blogging is supposed to be good for an online business. So is Twitter. I haven't done too well at either lately. I have always wished I could be the Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm blogger. The one who only writes about happy, cheerful and sugary things. That's just not me though, and a blog shouldn't be work. If I kept that thought in mind, I'd blog more often.

My son graduates Middle School next week. I'm not being sentimental about that, yet. But I am being sentimental about the person he has become. He's a good guy. He's my life.

I narrowly avoided being involved in a three car accident last Saturday. Had it happened, it would have been my fault. I don't know what it is with me and these behind the wheel experiences. I only know they are getting very, VERY old.

The warm weather is here. Who decided that sunny is good and rainy is bad? The sun is just blinding in its intensity. I must be part vampire - I must. We have central air but it doesn't seem to cool the master bedroom very well. So we have a window unit in that room and it runs all night. It's like when you sleep in a hotel and have the A/C on. Maybe it's just me that relates one to the other. I love having that thing going, the white noise of it, the cold air.

I have been cleared to use marijuana as a method of pain control. My doc is of the belief that it's not any worse (and in some ways it's better) than narcotic drugs. Personally I don't think marijuana is any more potent than alcohol. It's the only drug I've ever tried and my use has been sporadic at best....a handful of times in the last 10 years. I could never hold my liquor. Half a glass of wine and I'd be weaving around, so I rarely drank. And now, even if I wanted a drink, I wouldn't dare because of all the prescription drugs I take.

In Washington State you are allowed to grow three plants. But acquiring the seeds, that's the tough part. Still working on that. You can buy them from other countries but they are horribly expensive.

That's all my news. Hi Sam....email me (please?)

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