Tuesday, June 2, 2009

~ Juice ~

Regular price for each bottle of juice is $3.99. So you are looking at $19.95 worth of juice. I purchased all five bottles for $1.92. That is a 90% savings. I combined a store sale with manufacturers coupons with double coupons. The V8 was free. The Tree Top juices were $.48 each.

I would never pay $3.99 for a bottle of juice, but people do it, all the time. If you purchase items at their rock bottom price, and stock up, you'll never have to pay regular price again. Unless stores stop having sales and companies stop issuing coupons.

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Jess said...

that is such an awesome deal...i got the ads out of the newspaper today and so I will be looking for good deals this week.

Have a great weeks end.

Lots of love to you and I hope I can come by again soon.