Friday, November 13, 2009

I Miss RV'ing

I have found most TV commercials or print ads to be less than 100% truthful. With the exception of two things: Tempur-Pedic mattresses and RV's. Both are all that, and a bag of chips as they say.

Here's a photo of our trailer, brand new in 2003. I think it's 24 feet. We have not taken it out for a while, but it has served as a "guest suite" on more than one occasion.

And here is one of my favorite photos showing my men (and Miss Jessie) with the first bag of popcorn popped in the trailer. Jacob was eight ~ my baby!

To say it's relaxing taking the trailer out is putting it mildly. Even if we just went 20 miles away to Battle Ground Lake, it was like being in a different world. One of the people I reconnected with on Facebook is a detective I used to work with (now retired). He and his wife have a 40 foot motor home and go out for several months at a time. He sends me emails telling me where they are, and it makes me want to load up our trailer and take off.

We hope to be able to upgrade to a motor home. There are so many pros and cons. Trailers and 5th wheels can be just as nice, and you get more for your money. cannot ride inside them. It gets pretty cramped in the truck, especially now with my boo-boos. Then there's the question of getting around town, once you reach your destination. I guess the ideal situation is a motor home with a tow vehicle, if money was not an issue.

Tent camping. Did it once. My main complaint, other than the hardness of the ground (an air mattress would have fixed that), was the bugs. Actually this one particular bug. It was dark and I have no idea what type of bug it was that landed on my forehead. It was slimy and cold though. Could have been a small frog. I picked it off my forehead and flung it, then went back to sleep. Hubby says people were going in and out of the tent too often and leaving the "door" unzipped, and that's how the bugs got in.

RV'ing and the Tempur-Pedic. Two very good things.

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