Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dog and Tiger

First, no more Tiger Woods jokes. It's sad, it really is.

Miss Jessie had her 10th birthday recently. She also sprouted two cysts. One on her lower jaw that we thought was a blood blister. Another one very close to her girl dog parts. Both need to go, and then go again to be biopsied. This will cost about $500.00. We did have insurance for her, up until a year ago, when we cancelled it because our budget no longer allowed for the $40 a month. I tell myself we've saved the cost of the insurance for the past 12 months, and that pays for the surgery. I'm good at rationalizing.

St. Francis 24 Hr Animal Hospital in Vancouver, WA. They rock! More specifically, Dr. Michael Baker rocks. I'm sure the other vets are qualified, but Dr. Baker is the only one I want cutting on my dogs. Hell, I'd even let him cut on me.

The worst thing though, is being told the cysts are "of concern." I didn't ask for clarification, because I already know what "of concern" means. So we will be praying for our sweet dog. She goes in at 9:00 am tomorrow.

A little side note about tithing. Tithing is the only thing the Lord tells us we should test Him in, or at. I am good at tithing. I'm not 100% at tithing. Tithing can be scary. But when I do give the tithe, a sense of instant confidence comes over me. I did my part. God will do His part. An hour ago we got an order from our web site. It was for $85.00. That's a big order for us. And, it's a quarter of Jessie's surgery.

I would like to say a public thank you to the Lord and encourage others to step out in faith, and give God His 10%.

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