Monday, March 7, 2011

man oh man

It seems the whole world is sick. The flu bug has attacked our area in a particularly vicious way this year. It has been reported by various medical offices that recovery is a two to three week process. My son got it and then I got it. Hubby continues to fight the good fight. I'm at the two week point myself, and looking eagerly forward to health, even semi health, very soon.

My shoulder surgery has been cancelled twice now, due to this icky bug. It is rescheduled for April 7th and I told the lady, "I will either be fully recovered by then, or I'll be dead."

We are told to praise God, even in the storm(s). I have been trying, and He has been comforting me. He has also been putting much on my heart during my time of lying in bed. Only good and positive things of course.

You may wonder what the above photo has to do with this post, or with anything at all. Absolutely nothing. Just me, being random.

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