Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Mama

Donna (Dorian) Marie Ferguson Heisner, born December 1, 1930 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Died June 7, 2011 in Newport Beach, California.

I think about my mother every day. I always have and I always will. I know she is with her Lord. I know she was more than ready to go. She looked forward to dying, because she knew it meant eternal life with God. She anticipated her journey home the way one might anticipate a long-awaited vacation.

I have thought many times today, how birthdays are no longer a concern of hers. This leads me on to thoughts of how much of our lives we spend worrying about things, which in the big picture, have no meaning at all.

The world is a much different place without you Mama. Your family loves and misses you.

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Tracy said...

Such a sweet post Claudia.
I love how your mom saw death, as a long-awaited vacation. Beautiful way to put it.
Hugs my friend