Thursday, July 31, 2014

20 Years

I'm 54.  Hard to believe.  Even harder to type.  So, statistically speaking, I have roughly 20 years left on this earth.  This whole "getting old" thing has been many things: scary, funny, enlightening.  But mostly surreal.  Yes, surreal is the word to sum it up.  My mind is constantly flashing back to things from my teens.  For example, California Dental Association night at Disneyland.  They'd rent the whole park.  I looked forward to that one night all year.  I remember thinking - when I'm an adult I can visit Disneyland as often I want and no one can tell me no.  Now I live two states away and finances, work and just everyday responsibilities tell me no.

All of the cliches I heard growing up now apply to me.  I relate to the essays of Dave Barry and find myself thinking a lot more cranky thoughts than I used to.  I've begun to view life as a train trip.  You take your seat and gaze out the window as the scenery goes by.  I long ago passed diapers and daycare.  Now I'm cruising slowly through college tuition.

But....whatta ya gonna do?  Can't stop time.  Can't even slow it down.  And that's another thing!  How time passes so much more quickly the older we get!?!

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