Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Stretching of the Dollar

I paid a buck for everything you see here. Really, a buck. I get lots of great deals. It never gets old. Hubby LOVES the Coffee Mate. He must chug it judging by how fast we go through it. He reads my blog, so I will say up front I go through diet Coke and chocolate faster than he goes through Coffee Mate :p ~ now, on to the deeeeetails.

4 32-oz. Coffee Mates @ $2.50 each - $10.00
1 can Mandarin oranges - $1.00
8 boxes Super Pretzels @ 1.00 each - $8.00
5 pints ice cream @ $1.00 each - $5.00
Total - $24.00


$2.00 discount for spending $10 on Nestle products
$8.00 off Coffee Mate (4 $1/1 coupons doubled)
$1.00 off Dole ($.50/1 coupon doubled)
$4.00 off ice cream ($4/5 Catalina)
$6.00 off Super Pretzels (8 $.75/1 coupons)

New Total - $3.00

Used $2.00 off coupon received for taking the store survey

Grand Total Spent - $1.00

Received $1 Catalina for buying Coffee Mate, another $4/5 ice cream Catalina plus another opportunity to take a $2.00 survey. I did spend $1.09 on the pretzel coupons.

I can do the ice cream deal (5 pints for $1.00) over and over. So for the cost of one fast food meal, I will get 25 pints of ice cream. The only unusual part of this trip was my ability to use five double coupons due to Albertsons having them in the newspaper and in the store ad. Those doublers accounted for $4.50 of my savings. Without them I would have spent $5.50.

Time to raise our Coffee Mates for a toast!

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