Tuesday, July 28, 2009


it's really hot and I wonder....if you have AC, does the heat still take it out of you?

Several weeks ago both my dogs began to shed, and I mean really shed, like they've never shed before at this time of year. I had a sick feeling that would mean a long, hot summer.

When I was younger I used to wonder why old people talked about the weather all the time. BORING! Now I'm doing it, along with lots of other things I used to roll my eyes at.

My son wonders how I ever survived without cable TV or video games. In his mind I may as well have been stranded on a desert island throughout my entire childhood. A lot today's "entertainment" troubles me. Violent video games trouble me. Death is not a game. I had a bit of a fit (not the whole fit, a portion of a fit) this afternoon, about the violence in my son's game. It was one of those "if Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy" type moments. My son asked me if I was a pacifist. Yep, that's all those private school dollars at work.....

We watched Tyler Perry's Madea Goes to Jail. The man never makes a bad movie. Even the aforementioned son (G.I. Jacob) enjoyed it. In one scene Madea uses a piece of heavy equipment to raise a sports car about 15 feet in the air. Then she drops it and it slams to the ground on its side. If you add about 60 feet to the distance the car traveled, and throw in 3-4 rolls while airborne, that gets you close to how my accident went down. I will never be able to make anyone understand how hard that impact was, yet it is still so important to me that I keep trying. Odd.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Girl! \
It's ME .. Nightmare in GA!
I love your Blog and I love your playlist! Always takes me to a good place. Today was BRANDY! I just bought an MP3 Player.. Brandy and Jefferson Airplane will be added to it and I will think of you every time they play!

Cannot believe the Heat you sweet people are having in the Pac NW! AFRICA HOT! :)

Love you lady!