Wednesday, February 24, 2010


...there's a party in my head right now. Well, there is always a party in my head. The party is particularly loud and busy at this moment in time. As usual, I have 50 things to do and can't focus on any one of them for more than a few minutes. Great time to do a blog post said I.

Tyler Perry. I tell ya, if I wasn't married.... Seriously, if you haven't seen any of his films, SEE soon as you can. We screened "I Can Do Bad All By Myself" last week. There is just something about his work, how he weaves things together. His movies are predictable, yet full of so many things you don't mind the predictability.

Juneau is in the middle of blowing his coat. Usually takes 3-4 weeks to achieve total "blow-age." I don't like the little tufts of hair everywhere, but combing him is quite relaxing.

My battery went dead in the Fred Meyer parking lot on Monday. Jacob and both doggies were with me. It was hubby to the rescue in his big silver truck. Husbands are such wonderful creatures. I was there to buy whole chickens for $.69/lb., Wisk for $.49 and All for $.99 (perhaps it was the other way around). We have eight bottles of laundry detergent in our little stockpile. I spent less than $10.00 for all of them. This makes me happy. I'm easy to please. Oh, also got some Prevacid which was totally free.

My friend Jewell will be coming for a visit very soon. We need to work out the details of her ticket later today. I haven't seen her in over 10 years. We worked together at Irvine PD and she is now retired. She likes to do all types of crafts and said she is happy to help me with my work. Jewell loves dogs but told me she can do without their hair everywhere. Well duh, who couldn't? I will conveniently forget to tell her about snow dogs and coat blowing, until we are on our way home from the airport.
I look forward to fussing over her and spoiling her because she totally deserves it!

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Jess said...

Hi!! Long time no visit huh? Hope all is well with you and have an awesome day!

Lots and lots of love to you. I hoep to be able to keep up now!

Love, Jess