Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March ..... March On

Did you know March was National Frozen Food month? Lots 'o great deals to be had.

March is also shaping up to be a big month in the Morris household. On the 8th I turn 50. I am trying not to think about that, and take comfort in the fact I can continue to be the same weirdo I've been all along. That, and there isn't anything I can do to not be 50. Also on the 8th - my mediation hearing. I get to spend some quality time with a very nice Judge. I am so happy, I wish it was tomorrow!

On the 9th my hunky hubby turns 52. I actually have a birthday gift for him. It's about as unromantic as a case of crabs (I know.....gross), but at least I have something. He has big screen TV dreams, and I have a Dollar Store budget.

March 10th my buddy Jewell arrives from Banning (aka Armpit of the World), CA. She calls it that. I myself have never been to Banning. I blogged about her in my last post. Guess you could say I'm beyond thrilled she will be visiting.

Then on the 25th (I think) Grand-ma-ma will fly in on her broom. Only kidding mother. I used to love how Tabitha would call Endora Grand-ma-ma. Mother's visit will coincide with Jacob's Spring Break. They are very similar people with very similar spiritual gifts. I know this time will be quite special.

Lastly, a recap of tonight's coupon run. It was a bit frustrating for me (let along the poor cashier) and I was in the store 20 minutes past closing time. It all worked out in the end. I was taking advantage of the "Buy 10 frozen food items, get a $10.00 Catalina" and the "Spend $20 on General Mills products, get a $7.00 Catalina" promotions. Of course I had lots of coupons, plus the $7.00 Catalina I got Sunday at Albertsons.

9 cans of Old Orchard juice (grape and cranberry because apple wasn't part of the sale)
1 bag Ore-Ida fries
7 boxes assorted Betty Crocker muffin mixes
2 bags Nature Valley Nut Clusters
1 pouch Betty Crocker instant potatoes

I spent $19.29 and came home with a $17.00 gift card because neither Catalina printed, even though they should have. I could do this deal over and over again, assuming I had enough coupons. Next time around I would use my $17.00 gift card, only spend $2.29 and come home with another $17.00 in Catalinas, or gift cards as the case may be. And yes, we do donate food to our local homeless shelter.

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Jess said...

Hi there! I hope all is well with you and happy belated birthday to you!

Have a great rest of the week

Love, jess