Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hi Ho, Hi Ho.....It's Off to Stealth Mode I Go

I put my eBay store into hiding. A neat little feature they offer, for when you want to take a break. I struggled with the concept of it, because it's never wise to turn down sales, especially in this economy. Beyond wanting a break, I desperately need one. I have many ideas in my little idea bag, and not enough time to work on them.

I am still determined to find my niche on Etsy. It would be wonderful if I could cut all ties with "Fee-Bay," but I doubt that will ever happen.

This is a good place to say thank you to my husband, who is so very patient with me and my creative muses. He never refuses my requests for help and I appreciate that more than I could ever say. I love you Feff.

We are just beginning the process of refinancing our house. I had forgotten the enormous amount of paperwork involved. Even more so when you are self-employed. It's great when your house can work for you. That was always the goal, and tah dah, now we are there!

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