Monday, November 29, 2010

Seven (Perfect) Layer Bars

I'm sure everyone is familiar with this recipe. My family loves these bars. But I only seem to make them at holiday time. I make mine with pecans. Probably just as well I don't make them more often, as I can still fit in an airplane seat and would like to keep it that way. Not that I fit comfortably, but I do fit.

We polished off a batch of these yummy bars over the weekend, and the oven is heating up for the next batch as I type. It's of great importance to me that my son have memories of his mother baking. Not sure why, but it is :).


Lucy in the Sky said...

I just found your site, I am in Washington. Can you please post the recipe you follow for your sweet treat? Thank you!

Tracy said...

OMG my mouth is watering now.
I have never made these, I have tasted them though.
I should be in bed, its late, now I am going to dream about these slices of heaven :)