Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hey! Where's the PartyLite?

I am back! Yet again. It's been seven weeks since my last post - geesh. Lots of good things have been happening though.

For starters, I'm now a PartyLite consultant. I love their products and did ya know the candles are made in the U.S. of A. The cute froggy seen above is from the new Summer collection.

The company has provided me with a web site ( Shopping online is the easiest, quickest way to bring all these wonderful scents into your home. There are always special offers and discounts, too. If you need any PartyLite, please get it from me :). Hubby would appreciate it, too. If you email me prior to placing your order, I can set you up with a gift certificate. Do I sound desperate? It's more than I'm new at this, and a bit nervous.

Okay, so I had the shoulder surgery. No cuff tear, but bone was impinging on the nerves. He shaved the bone away. Yummy. I've been doing very well, and the pain has been reduced drastically. But, I did something reckless and stupid two days ago. And now I have made the shoulder nerves unhappy again. What did I do? I washed my own hair. Yep, I'm a daredevil.

I'm back to creating again! I have missed creating. Decorating white knobs is not creating. I have photos of one project, and am half-way through with two others. I also want to make a collage for the surgeon who worked on my shoulder. I am so grateful to him, and a Hallmark card just ain't gonna do it.

My talented hubby has mastered the embroidery machine, and our first creation will be available in my Etsy store by the end of this weekend.

As always, so many ideas - so little time.

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Tracy said...

So happy you are back to blogging, I have been checking :)
So glad to hear that the surgery helped. Take it easy there lady, let hubby pamper you and wash your hair ;)
I do enjoy partylite candles. I have a closet full of them....I like to keep them in all my closets so they smell nice ;)