Sunday, May 1, 2011

H is For .... Hanna

I purchased this plain wood H and painted it pink. The pink was too bright, so I added some white paint and then did the crackle effect on top of that. The H was about eight inches tall.

This was a Sweet Sixteen birthday gift for a classmate of my son's. We also gave her a gift certificate to a bath and body shop. When I approached my son about my creating part of her gift, he agreed BUT only on the condition that it never be made known I had made it. Apparently having your mother make a gift is embarrassing on many different levels.

Of course Hanna's mother figured it out once I began to ask her questions about her daughter's style and favorite colors. She promised she would never tell, and the official story is I ordered this from an online seller, who created it to fit Hanna's taste.

My son is happy (delusional, but happy), I am happy, and most importantly, I hope Hanna is happy!

1 comment:

Tracy said...

This is gorgeous.
Your son is to funny. My daughters ask if I can make their friends something, (probably to save them money) lol.
Just today Ashley asked if I had a card for her boyfriend's moms BDay. Then came home to tell me everyone loved it and thinks I should sell my cards.
Guess thats the difference between boys and girls,eh? lol.

So happy to see you blogging and creating again :)