Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Zombie Card

The recipient of this card (aka Tracy) was kind enough to photograph it for me, as I
realized after I mailed it, that I had not taken a picture.

I had a profound blog post planned, but now I'm just not in the mood to be profound. Today was a jumbled up kind of day, and no orders went out. I saw a video about the $2.00 grab bags at Michaels. I remember seeing them at the store a long time ago, and not paying any attention to them. After seeing that video I decided the world would not resume rotation until I got one of those bags. One...or four or five. And I needed to get some red tape.

Of course they did not have any grab bags. I know they don't always have them, so I didn't break down and cry in the store or anything. I did manage to find a few things to buy. From the $1.50 bins I got a knife/fork/spoon stamp. I've seen that on so many videos and always wanted it. I got a stamp of vintage eyeglasses, and one of a sofa and one of a vintage key. A while back they had these stamps and rub-ons that had to do with time and clocks. I passed on those and now I'm kicking myself. I have been rubber stamping on the mini album I am making for my doctor and realize I should use my stamps more.

In the corner of one bin were two of those tiny faux metal frames that everyone was using on the covers of their minis. I have three of them, but man, that's a hoard item for sure. Now I have five so I am comfortable taking a couple out of hoard mode.

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Tracy said...

LOVE this card. You can't even imagine how much.
I have never heard of these grab bags. Sucks they didn't have any for you, you know with the world needing to spin and all, lol.