Monday, June 18, 2012

The Dog and the Squirrel

First let me say the squirrel lived to gather nuts another day.

As my son pulled into the driveway, home from his brief trip to the grocery store, he saw Miss Jessie dart across the lawn and into a large bush.  As he was walking to the front door with a gallon of milk in his hand, Jessie was hurrying to join him, squirrel in her mouth.  I was inside sitting at the dining room table working on my latest mini album.  Apparently having the master bedroom and the family room is not sufficient for my creative endeavours.  I need the dining table too.  But I digress.

I heard my son yelling, "Jessie, NO, get back" and I saw him waving the gallon of milk in front of Jessie's face in an attempt to keep her outside.  He succeeded, for which I am eternally grateful.  Having a squirrel loose in the house is one experience I can do without.

Hubby and son then went back outside and relieved Jessie of her treasure.  The squirrel was still alive and placed in a safe area.  After an hour, it got up and scampered away.  Our neighbors had several squirrels as, well, almost as pets.  I developed a fondness for the little buggers watching how they interacted with humans.  Squirrels beware: Miss Jessie was back on the prowl the very next day!

1 comment:

Tracy said...

Seriously that squirrel looks like its on its last leg.
I can't believe you got to get a photo of the event, so cool :)