Friday, June 1, 2012

I Must...I Must...I Must Increase My Bust?

Nope, not that.  I must attempt to post more on my blog.  Of course this is the 54th time I've made that statement.

Tonight we attended a performance of "Our Town" at my son's high school.  He had a good sized part, and did wonderfully.  Several of his friends came up to tell me what a good kid he was.  We found out this week that his school will be closing at the end of this school year.  They are a small, private Christian school and don't have enough students to continue.  So he will be attending public school for his senior year.  It will be the first time he has set foot in a public school.

I am dealing with a bipolar eBay buyer.  I wouldn't be surprised if she's reading this now.  She has stalked my feedback and requested my phone number.  Thankfully a buyer like her only comes along once every 18 months or so.

1 comment:

Tracy said...

Sorry to hear about your son's school closing :(
Stalker, I had a stalker, teehee.
But I love my stalker, actually I miss her phone calls ;)