Saturday, September 29, 2012

Men Are Brave

Okay, along with a myriad of other fears, I am afraid of food poisoning.  I don't think this makes me odd, or crazy, or paranoid either.  I have found that men in general, and my husband in particular, are a whole lot braver than I am.  Case in point: today hubby ate a variety of Chinese take-out from little white containers which had been in our fridge since September 20th.  That's nine, count 'em, NINE days ago sports fans.

It's about 10 hours later, and he went to sleep without even a belch, so I guess he was right - there was nothing wrong with it.  Personally I obey the three day leftover rule, alongside the "if in doubt, throw it out" mantra.

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Tracy said...

I had to laugh at this as my hubby will eat day old pizza that was left on the table over night for breakfast.
Besides pizza not being my favourite food, there is no way I would eat it the next day when it sat out!!!!