Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Decor ~ Short Bus Style

We had a nice Halloween! Kay and I took my son trick or treating (her little goblin was sick and had to stay in). Hubby stayed home with the dogs. Juneau "sat" guard on the loveseat in front of the window, and provided scary noises for the evening. He was offered a pizza crust to leave his post, and he refused!!

Dear hubby hurriedly set up our Halloween decor, just as it was getting dark. Cornstalks from the backyard garden (so carefully tended by him), and two little pumpkins freshly carved. I love the pumpkin lights. And the baseball? Well, I put it there to disguise that big old blob of flash glare. We won't win any contests, but we were pleased with our display nonetheless.

This was my baby's last year of trick or treating. Sad to see him growing so quickly, yet proud of the young man he is becoming. Each time I saw a very little child all dressed up, I went back in time. How blessed I am to have all these memories. I really think someone is spiking my diet Coke with extra hormones. Everything these days is a pass-the-tissue, teary, bleary-eyed Kodak moment.

Hope you had a safe and happy Halloween!

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