Sunday, November 9, 2008

Mrs. Morris' Neighborhood

We are fortunate to be surrounded by wonderful neighbors. The kind of people who would help, no matter what the problem was, no matter the time of day or night. Last night we had dinner at the home of one of our neighbors. It was interesting, for a variety of reasons.

They have a squirrel named Susie, who is so tame she takes the peanuts right out of your hand. She crawls all over the man of the house, and will gently pry his fingers apart if he has a nut in the palm of his hand. If she arrives and no peanuts are left for her, she actually taps on the sliding glass door to announce her arrival. I hope Susie is intelligent enough to stay far, far away from Miss Jessie.

Our neighbors are a husband and wife, and the wife's mother. Husband is recently retired (for the third time) and has spent a lot of time working in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. It is fascinating to hear him talk about the environment, and how animals are protected at all costs. If a caribou decides he doesn't want you to pass, you wait till he leaves, then you pass. My snow dog and I would be thrilled to live in Alaska - my hubby, not so much.

The grandmother, 89 years old, makes the most amazing crocheted doll dresses and accessories. Her daughter does too - some of them can be found in my eBay store. AND, this elderly woman is a major Portland Blazers fan. Never misses a game, and checks the sports page first thing in the morning. I got a real kick out of that. In fact she did not join us for dinner because there was a game on.

I am often reminded of "The Four Million," by O. Henry. Everyone is worth knowing. Everyone has a story, and a lesson learned. We should talk less, listen more.

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