Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Real Live Woman -- A MUST See

This is the most empowering video - I guarantee you will not be disappointed. The person who posted it disabled the embedding, so all I have is the link:

Something every woman should see, especially the younger women who are still on that road of trying to fit themselves (literally) into a certain mold. I grew up with a very critical father. I could never please him. I think I finally succeeded at the age of 34, when I gave birth to his first grandchild. I spent a long time looking for love and acceptance. I bounced around like one of those silver balls in a pinball machine.

I did everything wrong, yet the Lord was gracious and He blessed with me a husband who loves me unconditionally. And believe you me, I've certainly put him to the test. His love wraps around me like a warm and fluffy robe. I feel it always, even when we are apart from each other. To this day I am still bewildered at how he can love me, exactly like I am. No hoops to jump through, no conditions or stipulations ~ just love.

Even if you do not have such a man in your life, I hope you will listen to this song and take the words to heart. We are all worthy. We are all children of God. As women we are blessed to have "The Sisterhood," to remind us just how special we are.

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Kay @ The Rustic Cottage said...

I love your new blog look and I love this post!! You do have a wonderful husband.