Friday, April 17, 2009

Big Friday Night on the Town.....

I went to Walgreens.....seriously, and I was excited about going. It's so ironic, because back in the day, I was a wild child. I could PAR-TAY down with the best of them. Now a solo trip to the drug store is all it takes to make me happy. Armed with my zippered coupon binder, I spent a good 90 minutes just browsing around comparing what they had on sale or clearance to what I had coupons for. The people working there got a laugh when I told them I was taking my time enjoying my big night on the town.

This was a good Walgreens - if you do couponing you know what I mean. A nice Walgreens with friendly people who don't consider you the enemy for trying to save as much money as possible. I am going to post a photo tomorrow of all the things I bought.

The big deal for me tonight was a Schick Quattro razor - actually TWO of them. I call these designer razors. They are usually at least $10.00 and I don't ever buy them because of their cost. And, because I don't have much hair on my legs and can shave them a couple times a month and be just fine according to hubby. I always see serious coupon shoppers with a dozen or more of these designer razors in their stash and wonder how they did it. Now I know! The razor was priced at $9.95 with a $4 in-store coupon. At $5.95 that's still too much for me to spend on a razor. I looked in my binder and found a buy one/get one free coupon for the Quattro. This coupon and the fact the wires all connected in my brain that you can use two coupons on a BOGO free deal, made the two razers a total of $1.95 plus tax. Each package has two cartridges, so I'm covered now, through menopause.


Sue said...

Kim, you CRACK me up, girl!

As a former "PARTAYer", I can relate how such things that my mom use to try and get me to do with her, (go get an ice cream cone, go window shopping, try a new recipe etc) now totally are right up my alley!

You are one lucky chick to have legs that can be shaved that infrequently! Even well into menopause, I look like the missing link sometimes!

Have a GREAT weekend. It is beautiful here today. Just taking a break from being outside. YEA!!!! Finally!

Jess said...

Way to go brain! LOL

Love the new background you got going.

Hope all is well.

Love, Jess