Friday, April 3, 2009

Let's Go Shopping With Me

Wow, long time - no blog. Hi to Sam my loyal reader. And hugs to Sam too.

Kay over at The Rustic Cottage and I have been doing some serious couponing and coupon organizing this week. Here are the results of today's shopping:

Walgreens - I have to say I am not a loyal shopper, don't go weekly, don't do the rebate thing like I probably should. Hubby had to get a prescription filled, so I asked him to pick up the $1.99 Chapstick True Shimmer because it would generate a Catalina for $2.00. He brought it home and it's da bomb. Seriously, I love it. He got me Botanical Berry.

I went to a different Walgreens later in the day, and purchased 2 boxes of Quaker granola bars and a package of Hall's cough drops. Had a $.75 coupon for the granola bars and a coupon for free cough drops. Used my $2.00 Catalina and spent $2.25 out of pocket. PLUS I got another $2.00 Catalina for buying the granola bars. In my second transaction I bought 2 packages of Cottonelle tissue for $5.00. Had a $.50 coupon and used my $2.00 Catalina. Total cost out of pocket was $2.50. Yeah, there was tax but I am not including it in the above calculations.

Then it was on to Safeway. They had several good coupons in my local paper and in their weekly circular. I purchased the following:

5 lb. bag C&H sugar
1 pkg. Hershey's chocolate eggs
1 pkg. Oreo cookies
2 pkgs. Wheat Thins Artisan crackers
2 24 packs diet Coke
2 boxes Kleenex tissue (large boxes)
1 Pillsbury Orange Danish
1 gallon milk
1 lb. butter
2 lb. block Tillamook cheddar cheese
2 Soft Soap anti-bacterial soaps
1 pkg. hot dog buns
2 pkgs. Hebrew National hot dogs
1 9-0z. pkg Foster Farms honey roasted turkey
1 3 lb. Honeysuckle boneless turkey breast
1 Safeway pepperoni pizza
1 can Del Monte tomatoes

Total with coupons: $42.56

There was a married couple behind me and I heard the husband say to his wife "oh, she's got a ton of coupons" in a somewhat annoyed tone. Then he watched as my total dropped from almost $100 down to $42.56. He said "Wow, you saved a lot of money!"


Kay @ The Rustic Cottage said...

You got good stuff at Safeway!! I want some lip shimmer!!

Sue said...

Now THAT's what I am talking about! My DH, Jim, would love this. He has done our shopping since we married 10 years ago. Accuses me of "impulse buying"! LOL it works out great. I love it that he does the shopping! He won't buy anything if it isn't on sale. I am going to show him yours and Kay's posts!

Samantha said...

Wow! Both of you girls did really well! I love a good deal!
And yes, I'm still out here reading...hi and hugs to you too! :)