Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Day

I so need to get a new profile photo.

Anyway....don't have much to write about tonight. My son thinks I am annoying and my husband is worried about me. A pretty normal day. I actually AM an annoying person. I mean, I get on my own nerves frequently.

Let's see, we had a delivery from FedEx and then two minutes later, a delivery from UPS. It was cold and windy. Felt more like November than the end of March. I love it!

I went to two grocery stores and to my friend's house. Using my coupons seems to override the fear of being in another accident. At least it did tonight.

My son burst through my office door like he was raiding the place. "I need a bleach pen! I need a bleach pen!!" he shouted. Seriously, close to hysteria over a splotch of mustard on his shirt. We aren't the bleach pen type. Luckily we do have a sink and the mustard was drowned before it knew what hit it. Another teen tragedy averted, another crisis solved.

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Jess said...

LOL Emmy is already like that...she hated getting her hands dirty or anything on her clothes!

Hope all is well with you and that you have a good rest of the week

Love, Jess