Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Poetry and Rhyme (sorta)

I happened upon two of my son's English assignments, due tomorrow, and still warm from the printer. Both works are untitled. First, the poem:

You can scold
Or we can converse
We can talk
Or we can curse
Form a team
Or fight to be first
But not both

You can stand
Or you can be pressed
You can be cursed
Or you can be blessed
You can cling to hope
Or you can be depressed
But not both

You can forsake who you are
Or hold steadfast to your soul
You can conform to the world
Or gain strength as a whole
You can make your own name
Or live your life dull
But not both

Okay, that was deep. Teenagers are deep. Kind of a glass half empty/glass half full poem. I'd like to think it's got an overall positive tone to it. Now, the limerick:

There once was a pig from Miami
Who sat inside a tannery
Little did he know
That he was in a stove
Now bacon is abundant in Miami
There once was a pig in Moscow
He became friends with the cows
When they were sent away
Soon he would have to pay
So the pig ran away from Moscow

How random was that? I love how his brain can move so easily in so many different directions. Silly and serious. Random and profound. Mental multi-tasking....gotta love it.

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Sue said...


Your son must make you very proud, indeed. That poem is very thought provoking! I am impressed...Let us know what grade he gets!