Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day 9 - Historical Tour & My Opinion

Today was spent touring Philadelphia. We get almost daily emails from the principal. Several tour members have come down with colds serious enough to keep them at the hotel all day.

Here are a couple photos from last week. My little rodent is on the right, in the green checked shirt. I do wish he'd show his pearly whites. He got his father's good teeth (thank you again Lord). They are gorgeous, and he doesn't like to show them. Perhaps it's not cool to show your teeth these days?

Wow, the White House - even if there is a Democrat inside it....would be so cool to see. Just for the record, my problem with liberal Dems (and I know that doesn't include ALL Dems) is their views on abortion. Abortion is murder. Abortion is the taking of a life. Once that sperm and egg link up, you have a life. So sorry if that life begins at an inconvenient time.

I cannot wrap my mind around the fact that a woman would have a life vacuumed out of her rather than let that child live and be given to parents who want to raise a child. I can understand unplanned and unwanted pregnancies. I can understand not being old enough, or financially able to care for a child. There are options. There are alternatives.

So often women say "well I couldn't live knowing there was a child of mine out there, and me not knowing him or her" or "I don't want to hear a knock at my door in 18 years and have this kid standing there." Abortion has to be the height of selfishness. Personally I don't think I could do it even in the case of rape. And I know if a doctor told me my life was in danger I would tell him no, it's not - God has my life in His hands and He won't drop me or my child.

I don't think the government should get involved in the abortion issue because I don't think abortion should be an issue in the first place. It shouldn't happen. Yet in today's society it's a totally acceptable solution to what many see as a problem, not a person. A close relative of mine had an abortion about 25 years ago. I found out about it several years after it took place. I am haunted by the thoughts of what that person would have been like, what he or she would have grown up to accomplish or contribute. Granted, had he or she been given up for adoption, I wouldn't know who they were or where they are - but at least they would have been given a chance.

These kids you see, in front of that majestic house, are being raised to honor and treasure life. For that I am very, very grateful.
P.S. It occurs to me how incredibly deep and solid my faith is, when it comes to abortion. Yet I am still terrified to drive or be in a car, almost three years after I had one of those "another foot or so and I'd be dead or paralyzed" accidents. My faith....needs work.

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