Thursday, March 26, 2009

Work at Home Moms

Work at home Moms have nothing but time on their hands. They can do anything, at any time, with no notice, because....they are at home. This is by far the biggest misconception there is, concerning work at home Moms. We could form a support group. Or, at the very least, have a weekly bitch session to vent our frustrations safely, among friends.

If you've been a WAHM for longer than six months, you know exactly what I mean. Even the closest of friends don't "get" it. If you are at home, certainly you are free to chat on the phone or drop everything and run over for an hour or two. Then there are family members who file back and forth down the hall in silence as long as the door is open. But close the door and suddenly everyone has something of the utmost importance they must share with you.

The third bedroom of our house is designated my office/studio. Although to use those words dignifies a space which is more accurately described as "where my stuff is." Nothing really office like, or studio like, about it. There is also a twin bed in here. I prefer the door closed. It's quieter and it prevents two large canines from coming in and out, scanning the carpet for leftovers or shoving their noses under my bad arm and lifting up abruptly. This is dog for "pet me NOW."

Anyway....(not anyways - just like Happy New Year and not Happy New Years) I told you that story to tell you this story. My son and I were discussing the differences between his girlfriend's mother and myself. He felt I was being negative about his future mother-in-law and informed me, in a rather terse tone, that she wasn't a stay at home Mom, therefore she didn't have the time to do things like I do. My, my, my. Eh tu, Brutus?

Now I enjoy a little mental ping-pong, and my son, at age 14, has already proven himself a worthy opponent. I took aim and fired the following back across the net: "Listen Slick, I guarantee you I work twice as many hours as she does, so don't even start with me." Game. Set. And Match.


Sam said...

Hee-hee You tell him, Kim! Annoying, isn't it? I get it from parents too. I finally had to stop squiring all of their kids to and from the basketball games they didn't "have time" to attend because they were "too busy" working so they could have new cars and designer handbags. PUKE! Now you got me started too. :) hee-hee

Kay @ The Rustic Cottage said...

Good for you!!! You tell him!!

I get so tired of everyone thinking that stay at home moms just sit around watching TV and eating bon bons all day!