Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Prayer Request for a most faithful Servant

This is Donna. And this photo was taken just after sunrise in the California desert, at the home of a friend. Donna is having her morning devotions and praising her Savior. At 78 years of age she is ALL about her Father's business. She has traveled the world to spread the word of eternal life in Jesus.

Donna has been fighting neuropathy in her feet for many years. She is not diabetic. Neuropathy has the upper hand, or foot as the case may be, at the present time. I ask for prayers on behalf of this most special woman. Prayers that God will take this affliction from her and allow her to continue on with His work.

I love you Mama ~


Sam said...

Oh Kim, of course I will pray for your sweet Mom.

Jess said...

Keeping her in my prayers

Love, Jess