Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Some ENCHANTed Evening

Tonight hubby and I went to the Parent Fellowship Dinner at the school where my son is now a freshman. It was a potluck. We brought chocolate cupcakes with fluffy white icing (dusted off the pastry bag and flower tip). I printed the school logo and glittered the lightning bolt with yellow glitter, and then made picks for each cupcake. I get so excited over my little creative accomplishments.

The school is small. There are 22 kids in the freshman class. Before it was a school, the building was a Moose Lodge. They are still making changes and improvements to the structure. I think they could run this school from a tent, and it wouldn't change the atmosphere of caring and family. What you have in a Christian school is an approach to education that focuses not only on academics, but on the spiritual and emotional growth of each child. They are individuals, each with their own unique strengths and God-given talents. The school partners with the parents to help each child become the person God meant for them to be.

Academically these kids are often two to three grade levels ahead of what the public schools are teaching. Their minds are challenged every day. No one expects straight A's, only that they do their very best. The principal talked about the school's mission and all the non-academic activities students are involved in. Activities designed to teach them to serve with a happy heart. He said, "You can have all the knowledge in the world, but without Christ it doesn't mean very much."

I see my son struggling with all the typical teenage problems and anxieties. Kids are kids, no matter where they go to school. But one of the most wonderful things about this school is how they involve the kids in the world around them. Like a hand gently tapping them on the shoulder, and a voice reminding them, "It's not all about you - what can you do to help someone in need?"

And that's why this evening was ENCHANTed.

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