Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Thing About Dogs

The great thing about dogs is they always come with amazing personalities. That's a guarantee you don't get very often. Even though Juneau (pictured above) is missing a leg, he is the poster dog for living life to the fullest. Nicknamed Boogie, it is ALL about him, every day, all day.

Boogie takes naps with his "dad" in the family room. They each have a couch. Today hubby came out and said, "That is the loudest sleeping dog I have ever seen! Snoring, smacking his lips, grinding his teeth, and wagging his tail while he's dreaming."

Boogie will belch in your face. Boogie will sneeze in your face. If Boogie were a person, he'd be the one cutting the line to get to the front. He'd be the one knocking others out of the way to be right in the middle of whatever action there might be. Boogie is 95 pounds of pure personality, with extra drool on the side.

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