Friday, February 4, 2011

Doorbellows and Rule of Thumbs

Kids have the cutest way of mispronouncing words and phrases. Since my "baby" is 16 now I don't get to hear those sweet mistakes anymore. The last one I remember, many moons ago, was him adding the "oh" to the word doorbell.

Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised to hear him use the expression "rule of thumb." We were discussing what time he should arrive home from school, and at what point he needed to call and say he was on his way. He said, "Let's make a rule of thumbs" and then went on to propose his rule. I asked him what kind of rule he wanted to make, and he repeated "a rule of thumbs." Did I correct him? No way.


CanadianWynn said...

I get what you are babies are 23 and 20. When Kyle, my youngest was little, he knocked out his two front teeth pulling a Superman leap from the couch to the coffee table. Becasue of that..he had a speech impediment until he was like 11...and they things he said...there are still saying we use "dunchie" (hungry)..i miss babyhood!!

Tracy said...

Teehee, so cute.
Even now my daughters sometime do this.
When my daughter was little she wanted a hosckey.
We were like you want to play hockey.
This went on until I realized she said that she wanted a huskey, lol.
We still tease her about it and she is 19.