Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Day, Yesterday

I am trying to post every day, because I want to be like Tracy. Just a bit late as it's now tomorrow, and I'm talking about yesterday.

I did a fair amount of work, but kept expecting the phone to ring. And if it did, and a certain person called, I would have had to leave my house, and go to their house. You see my former husband's wife is in the hospital. The former husband works on Saturdays and they have three dogs. They were afraid he wouldn't be able to get a lunch break and go home to let the dogs out. He did in fact get a break and I didn't have to go over there. And thankfully she will be released from the hospital later today.

I finished my Mom's mini album, all except for putting some ribbon and fibers on the ring, and adding some charms to the swivel clasp. I usually ask hubby to do that part. I'm just not good with the jump rings.

I thought a fair amount about how spoiled Juneau is. He is seriously spoiled, like spoiled rotten. He has to be right in the middle of things. If he hears Geoff and I talking, he will get up from a nap to come into the same room. If we ignore him, he fusses and whines or he tilts his big head back and "talks" to us. He's such a character. Last night he slept with me, something he rarely does. It's like sleeping with a person, a very warm person.

Okay, this post is boring....but that's okay. I like my boring life :).

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Tracy said...

LOL at you wanting to be like me, you are to funny.
Mind you I plan on working out next week, so you may change your mind on that one, teehee.

Wow no sales tax. Nice. Our tax is 13%. crazy eh. Plus our prices are more than yours. Seriously.
Looking forward to seeing your mom's completed mini.