Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I'm Old

Back in the day (i.e., in my 20's) I owned 50 plus pairs of shoes.  I had far too many pairs, especially since I wore a uniform to work, complete with flat black fugly shoes.  But on the weekends though, wowza, my heels and I painted the town.

I like the three styles pictured above.  But I doubt I could have worn them even in my 20's.  Today's current style of shoes just makes me feel old.

This is a particularly boring blog post, I know.  I did need to post something, and it was either a shoes post or a mini-rant about how I cannot get my video to post to YouTube.  I think you get what you pay for with a Flip camera.

1 comment:

Tracy said...

I never painted the town red, lol.
My daughter loves shoes and has so many. She wears such high heels to work, my feet would be crying out in pain in them. I used to wear heels a lot, but now I am comfy in my flip flops or slippers, lol.