Saturday, August 25, 2012

It's a Rocky Road

I was enjoying some Rocky Road ice cream, and every time I eat this brand and type of ice cream, I am reminded of a story from my childhood.  My father loved 31 Flavors Rocky Road.  I mean LOVED it.  He was a man of considerable education (possessing a doctor of dental surgery degree).  He decided he would go on an ice cream diet to get rid of the stubborn 20 pounds around his middle.  He vowed to eat ONLY Rocky Road and purchased an enormous tub of the stuff.  I don't know how many gallons he bought, but he came home with one of the large containers you see at the store.  The same container the employees scoop from.  At least 15 gallons worth, and probably more.

The ice cream was placed in the basement freezer.  My sister and I would sneak down frequently, armed with tablespoons.  I don't recall how many days his "diet" lasted.  I know it wasn't more than two or three.  But the memory will stay with me forever.

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Tracy said...

ttThis is such a sweet story:)
My sister just lost her tooth beside her front one. She doesn't have coverage and is about to attach it with super glue. I wonder if your dad would have approved ?