Thursday, May 22, 2008

Big Dog, Little Dog & Bella

Oh my, where has the week gone? A week is still the same amount of days, hours, minutes and seconds as it was when I was 20. Why does it not seem the same now, as I near...GASP...50?

This photo was taken last summer, when my stepdaughter lived with us, along with her Lhasa Dog Ellie. Ellie and Juneau were the best of buds. Even when he was pulling Ellie out from under the table by her head, it was all fun. They played for hours. Juneau was always careful not to step on her, and she had no fear of his massive size. Every afternoon they would nap together.

I have not created anything this week, other than lots and lots of knobs of course. We will not be doing the Farmer's Market this Saturday, due to the holiday. I miss making things. I have a mermaid to finish for a dear lady who is, like me, behind. My package to Pam, in the vintage paper swap, is finally on the way. I was a week late in posting it, and do not blame her if she is annoyed.

Today the kind ladies at the Breast Care Center at SW Washington Medical Center attempted to aspirate the contents of a cyst in my right breast. The remnants of an enormous bruise sustained in my car accident. The doctor was wonderful. She couldn't get it all though, but she got the liquid part. I was thinking of all the brave women who walk through their doors. And how blessed I am to have normal breast tissue. The atmosphere in their office is so warm and caring.

Laura (I think one would call her a "tech") and I talked dogs. She did a great job of getting my mind off things. I gave her my blog address and hope she stops by. If you do Laura, I double checked with the expert I was telling you about, and she confirmed that Suzie's was a great place and Bella will be in excellent hands. Bella is Laura's German Shepherd.

I love, love, LOVE German Shepherds. Quirky and loyal, protective and kind, worriers and guardians, needing everything to remain "the same," and the BEST cold noses. I'm a bit of a freak when it comes to cold dog noses. I say they are refreshing. My son says they are refreshing. My husband says we are both insane. When we adopted a snow dog, I foolishly assumed he would come with an extra cold nose.'s rarely refreshing and when it is, it doesn't last very long. Miss Jessie, on the other hand, never disappoints.

Time to go find a dog with a cold nose......

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