Friday, May 16, 2008


My mother sent an email, addressed to her granddog Juneau. The email told the incredible story of Molly, a pony who had lost her leg and is now getting around with a prosthetic leg. Here is the link if you'd like to read about it:

Juneau has been a part of our family for two years. I will not get into the horrific details of his first two months of life, but before he was seven months old, he had endured three painful surgeries. As humans, we succumb to self-pity quite easily. But animals don't. Animals do not feel sorry for themselves. Juneau does everything any four legged dog does, some of it in a different way, but he manages.

I had hoped to be able to train him to be a therapy dog. God did not have that in mind for Juneau. Strangers and being away from home make him very nervous. He's a beautiful creature and I never tire of looking at him. He is spoiled beyond comprehension, but he lets us know every day how much he loves us, and his "forever home." We are blessed to have him. He shows us every day what it means to play the cards you've been dealt, and don't let a handicap stand in your way.

Helping Dad finish off the Ben & Jerry's before bedtime.

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