Saturday, May 31, 2008

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, Eh?

Oh how I have longed to use the expression "winner winner chicken dinner." The winner of our 12 ceramic drawer knobs in her choice of design is........


Her blog can be found here.

Sandra lives in Canada and if she is anything like most Canadians, she probably wishes us Americans would stop saying "eh." My mother is from Canada, so I figure I am allowed, almost obligated, to throw out the occasional "eh."

Since I am putting off cleaning up the kitchen, I will tell you how I chose the winner. Never one to make things easy, I first had my son close his eyes and point randomly, four different times as I scrolled up and down the comment list. I then assigned each name a color: red, green, yellow or brown. Now comes the REALLY scientific part! I took four M&M's in the above four colors and laid them down on the cement outside. I did this while Juneau was drinking water, to be sure he wasn't watching me.

He ate the red M&M first, and Sandra was red! There is a brown one there too, hidden by his big ole head.

I swear he knew what was going on, because after he ate the red one, he turned around and looked at me, as if to say "Did you get that? Red won."

I do know that chocolate is bad for dogs. But it's actually dark chocolate, and smaller dogs are much more susceptible to being harmed by it - if they ate a lot. The three to four M&M's Juneau consumes each day are not harmful to him.

As I said in my original giveaway post, we will be offering a free set of knobs each week to anyone who leaves a comment. I will be back later with details about that. Thank you to everyone who entered!


One Woman's Cottage Life said...

THAT was just hilarious! Way too cute! "Did you get that? Red won." *chuckle*

Congrats to Sandra! Yay!

Kay said...

I love it!!! That dog is so smart. Congrats to Sandra!

Michele said...

Congratulations to Sandra for winning the giveaway, and thank YOU for your generosity!!

I love the way you picked the winner!! So funny!!


Sandra said...

Sandra is very pleased - she just about did back flips with excitement when she found FLAMINGO door knobs on the website ;)

Apparently she's so pleased that she's talking in a regal queenly third party manner, and can't seem to stop!