Sunday, May 18, 2008

This Little Piggy Stayed Home

Here are things that went to market, and I ended up staying home. I had planned to go, was looking forward to going, was ready to go....and Mr. Supraspinatus Muscle (gee I hope I spelled that right) decided no, I was not going to go. But my stuff went, and my husband went. He and Kay bonded under the canopy, in the 95 degree heat. We sold three note cards - our first sale. Kay sold a few bars of soap. There was just very little traffic at the market today.

The shell frame is one of those love it or hate it type items. I enjoy making these frames. Very therapeutic and relaxing for me. They conjur up visions of shabby cottages at the beach, cool ocean air, crashing waves.

This is part of a display board hubby made. He is so talented in ye old workshop. I really like the mermaid image and use it a lot. Slowly but surely we are getting things together. This market will run each Saturday till the middle of October. I am going to be selling some of Kay's Rustic Cottage soaps in my eBay store. The more exposure the better, and her soaps are such high quality. I notice a big difference in my skin because her soaps contain no harsh detergents.

As I have said, Kay and I go way back. When we first met, we both had partners. Then I was the single mom for a while. Now Kay is the single mom. Not an easy job - and speaking of jobs, she was recently laid off from hers. The way she is handling the challenges in her life is truly an inspiration to me. She is trusting in the Lord, and He is providing for her in many ways. She is calm in a turbulent ocean, secure in His hands. Our kids have reconnected and it's surreal to see them together now as teeanagers. We remember them as six year olds, arguing in the backseat of the car - she's looking at me, he's bothering me, don't "coffee" me.

It is wonderful to have this kind of history with someone. That comfortable, sit on the porch and laugh and talk kind of history. This will be a great summer!


mysteryhistorymom said...

Love, love, love your seashell frame!!! Love, love, love your mermaid sign! Love, love, love everything you make! You are so talented.:-) Lori

Kay B said...

I love your shell frame!!