Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Nice Day

Hello Blog Land! Today was a nice day. My son returned from five days at camp. He had a little crash on a mountain bike and left some skin back at camp, but nothing broken thank goodness. I was not able to talk with him at all. That was a tough one for me. I needed to hear his voice. I needed to hear he was okay.

Hubby gave both doggies a bath! I would have taken pictures but I didn't want to open the bathroom door and have the dog try to jump out of the tub. Juneau went first. He had to be coaxed in, but at least he went. A bit of whining, but he survived.

Miss Jessie was next. She hates baths. She hates baths so much that if she even hears the water hitting the tub, she runs to the other end of the house. This photo was taken a couple years ago. Her expression was the same today.

Juneau watched his mentor be taken into the bathroom and you could tell he was concerned. Once the water began, he went and laid right in front of the door, listening to everything. It wasn't long before he started to whimper. I believe he really was worried about her.

I made a couple ATC's. My pain level was quite low. Yep, a good day.

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Sandra said...

I bet your son had a great time at camp, even if he left a piece of himself there, lol.

Hubby is a trooper for giving the dogs their baths - how adorable that Juneau was so concerned about Miss Jessie - just like 2 legged siblings!!

I'm off to do some baking - my internet guy is coming today to hopefully fix our never-ending and more-annoying-by-the-day connection problems - I'm going to bribe him with chocolate chip cookies and a cranberry walnut cake - I hope it helps, lol!!

Have a GREAT day :)